Gemstone Education

This guide will define the five essential characteristics of gemstone quality. Understanding these characteristics will allow you to shop with confidence. Print this helpful information and take it shopping to make the best choice for a beautiful piece of gemstone jewelry.

The Cut

Unlike diamonds, gemstones do not have an “ideal” cut geometrically configured for maximum brilliance. But a high-quality gemstone cut presents the most even color, exposes the few inclusions, and displays the majority of the gemstone weight when set in jewelry.

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The jewelry industry classifies the highest quality gemstones by the purity of their hue, the depth of tone, and the color saturation. The best value is in colors that include “slight” traces of other colors, are not too light or dark, and have a lot of saturated colors. Isadora offers some of the highest-quality colored gemstones available. Today’s gemstones, including Isadora stones, have been treated to enhance their color. The most common treatment methods are heating, nearly always seen with aquamarine, citrine, amethyst, sapphire, ruby, and tanzanite, bleaching commonly seen with pearls, and irradiation performed on nearly all blue topaz.

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Almost all gemstones contain inclusions. Even those most highly prized have at least some inclusions. On the other hand, flawless gemstones are very rare and very expensive. The best value is found in lightly to moderately included gems, like those in Isadora gemstone jewelry. Emeralds are typically treated with colorless oil, wax, or resin to minimize surface-reaching inclusions.

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The carat weight of a gemstone is not necessarily an accurate gauge for gemstone size. To help you judge the size of a gemstone, Isadora lists the diameter of the gemstone when viewed from above – since if the gemstone is set in jewelry, this is the only visible part of the gemstone.

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Nearly all gemstones on the market, including gemstones offered by Isadora, have been treated to enhance their appearance. Gemstones that are not treated but exhibit desirable color and clarity command extravagant prices. Some enhancement treatments are universal, permanent, and require no special care of the gemstone, such as heat treatment to enhance color. Other treatments are common and may require more or less special care to avoid damage, such as infusion of resin, colorless oil or wax to improve clarity.

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Ring Care

Every gemstone has unique characteristics. Considerations in routine care, how and when you wear your fine jewelry, will dictate longevity.

Gemstone hardness and durability may factor into your choice of gemstone ring. Gemstones are durable for everyday wear, yet others may require special care. Abrasive surfaces, harsh chemicals, and sharp blows can damage even the most durable gemstone. Removing your ring when active will maintain its beauty and ensure every piece lasts for years.