Gemstone Cut

Colored gemstones are generally cut to maximize the beauty of their color. There are several points to consider to recognize the quality of the cut of a gemstone.

What to Look For

A good cut showcases the gemstone’s color, diminishes its inclusions, and exhibits good overall proportion and symmetry. Because gemstone color can vary, no rigid geometrical standards exist for maximizing brilliance or color. Gemstones, especially rarer ones, are sometimes cut for size without regard for their color. For example, when corundum varieties such as sapphire and ruby are cut for maximum weight rather than beauty, they may display banded colors or streaks. Isadora sells only the finest quality, hand-selected colored gemstones.

Buyer’s Tips: In a gemstone with more saturated color, the best cut may be more shallow than average, permitting more light to penetrate the gemstone, while in a less saturated gem, the color may benefit from a deeper cut.

Gemstone Cut

Lookout for gemstones in the setting and ensure all the facts are symmetrical. An asymmetrically-cut crown indicates a gemstone of low quality. In all cases, well-cut gemstones are symmetrical and reflect light evenly across the surface. The polish is smooth, without any nicks or scratches. These are the characteristics that Isadora jewelers look for when selecting our gemstone jewelry.

Buyer’s Tips: Like diamonds, fine quality color gems usually have a table, crown, girdle, pavilion, and culet. Iridescent opals are one exception and often have a round cabochon cut.