We believe a diamond should stay there for many generations when it enters your life. Our repurposed or Redesigned jewelry service lets you turn old jewelry, unused jewelry, or loose diamonds into a new, fresh design. You can use your old diamonds on a new ring, upgrade your engagement ring, redesign your wedding Necklace, convert a necklace into a ring and a bracelet, and more. Whether you have a family heirloom ring, an old wedding set, or just loose-colored stones and diamonds, we’ll help reimagine and repurpose these pieces into something you’ll love to wear.

Our jewelry remodeling Process makes it easy on you


Please Book a meeting with us to share your engagement ring ideas, budget, and timeline, and Financing is available.


We will present you with the designs and estimates for you to give us feedback. We will revise the designs until we’ve nailed the design to your liking and source additional stones if needed.


Your ring will be intricately be engineered with CAD (Computer Aided Design), cast in metal, and the stones are set by hand.


Your custom jewelry is ready!

Creating New Jewelry from Old Jewelry

We all have old jewelry we’re attached to but never wear, but did you know you can create new jewelry from old jewelry?
Whether it was a bad gift, inherited jewelry, or a relationship that didn’t last, your jewelry should not go to waste. It’s possible to redesign jewelry into something you feel great flaunting, not hiding away in your jewelry box.
Ready to remodel your old jewelry? 

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There are countless reasons why someone may create new jewelry from old jewelry, ranging from a simple aesthetic choice to very personal and sentimental reasons.


What can you design?

Anything and everything you would like. Our custom design team has years of experience and has guided hundreds of customers to bring their exceptional jewelry ideas to life.

Our common jewelry ideas include rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and earrings.

How Much Will The Jewelry Cost?

Since every piece is custom-made, there is no general pricing for the custom jewelry service. We will provide you with an estimate for your project! To get started, please get in touch and schedule an appointment with a team member to discuss your project further.

Will I Be Involved In The Custom Jewelry Design Process?

YES! We strongly believe in including our clients in each process stage to ensure you receive precisely what you dream of.  Our team encourages you to provide feedback and ask questions.

For starters, you’ll meet with a member of our creative team to go over your ideas. You can show us, pull up your Pinterest board, photos of other pieces you like, or browse through other pieces in the store for inspiration. After that, we will give you an in-person price estimate for completing your project. To get a sense of what the finished piece will look like, our designer creates a life-like rendering of your piece for you to inspect.

HOW it works



Discuss design ideas, options, and budget, with your jewelry designer to guide you through the custom experience.



You will be presented with sketches and concept art designed precisely by our jewelry artists.



Visualize your piece with high-resolution 3D renderings.  Here, we’ll adjust every detail until It matches you preferences and liking.



Receive your custom jewelry piece with the assurance it’s been made  last a lifetime.