HAYA Abdeen

Solitaire Ring- Full Eternity Diamond ring- Full Diamond Necklace- Diamond Tennis Bracelet and DROP Diamond Earrings FADI! I just want to thank you for an absolutely breathtaking Jewellery SET, Every time I look at it, I LOVE IT even more. OUR experience with ISADORA was simply perfect and you have met and went beyond our […]

Gihan El Ali

Solitaire Ring and Diamond wedding ring Dear Fadi, Farah’s Ring is Amazing… I have never seen a stone that Beautiful!!, the Light reflection from the stone is unbelievable…How did you get such a beautiful stone Fadi? The making also is impeccable… Farah LOVED the rings… Thank you so much for making her happy. It was […]

Farah El Ali

Solitaire and Half Eternity Diamond ring Thanks a LOT Fadi..there are lights coming out of the main Solitaire Stone.. It is incredible…never seen such a beautiful Sparkling diamond on a Solitaire.

Masa Hasan

Solitaire and Half Eternity Diamond ring Thank you so much for this masterpiece Fadi!! It is just as beautiful as I imagined it to be and I am so happy with how shiny and clean it is. Yeslamo EDEK for this Beautiful Work.

Fatima OSMAN

FUL SET- Diamond Bracelet, Earrings and RING OMGGG-I Finally got to see it- believe it or NOT.. your WOK is beyond amazing.. it is so so so nice.. I am scared to touch it…


Diamond Necklace شكرا من القلب فادي، فرحت ام عبد الله وايد فيه، الله يسعدك دوم كلك ذوق وتسلم ايدك، واكيد بنتم نتعامل معاك على طول وتسلم ايدك على الشغل الحلو والنظيف والالماسات البراقة…

Reem Lizzeik

Diamond Necklace- Earrings- Solitaire and Diamond wedding Ring Hi Fadi,Thanks a LOT for the beautiful wedding set you have done. NO words can describe how happy and Satisfied I am with it, its Shiny, super clean and very Well Done. It was glowing on my wedding day and after 2 months of marriage, the glow […]

Diana Habbabat

Diamond Solitaire, Eternity Diamond Ring, Engagement bands. كتييييييير حلويييين الخواتم يسلمو آيديك – شكرا من القلب على الخواتم الحلوة المشغولة بكل الحب والاتقان، رغم الوقت القصير اللي اعطيناك ياه بس بقي شغلك متل ما هو متقن كتير ولمعان بجنن وطلع متل ما بدنا واكتر والف شكر و تسلم ايديك

Patrick Sheaib

Diamond Solitaire, Eternity Diamond Ring, Engagement bands. Hi Fadi, She LOVED it and it fits perfectly. I wanted to thank you. Going through something as special as designing a ring for the one you LOVE is such an experience and doing it with ISADORA was great.. you were amazingly professional, friendly and your passion for […]

DINA Abu Hujaili

Diamond SOLITAIRE RING Thank you so Much for the amazing Ring! I can’t WAIT to wear it- LOVE the design and the Brilliance. I was really worried at first of choosing the diamond and the setting but you made the process extremely easy and smooth! Thank you so much again, definitely a FIVE STAR experience, […]