Title: Right-Hand Ring Buying Guide

Diamond rings are popular choices for engagement rings and wedding rings. However, many diamond styles, including the right-hand diamond rings, have been gaining popularity over time. While these rings have the same style as cocktail or wedding-style rings, they represent something different.

Right-hand rings symbolize self-love, unlike engagement or wedding-style rings that soon-to-be spouses often buy. Many people buy right-hand bands for themselves, giving them more significance and a personal touch.

There are many symbolic connotations associated with right-hand rings, which include:

  • Graduation
  • Professional accomplishments such as a promotion or job
  • New traditions
  • Birth of a child or adoption
  • Independence
  • Commitment to becoming a better version of yourself

What Is The History Of Right Hand Rings?


Studies show that right-hand rings became popular among women in the 1920s. Geometric designs and deco styles of platinum characterized these rings. Wearing a right-hand ring came in and out of style over the decades. Women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s sported right-hand rings too.

Women believed they did not have to wait to get engaged to wear high-quality rings and decided to buy rings for themselves. They bought rings for themselves and decided to wear them on the right hand to celebrate a milestone in their lives. This also allowed them to wear an engagement ring in the future with the self-purchased right-hand rings.

Today, the trend lives on. Women continue to celebrate their accomplishments with symbolic jewelry. However, unlike in the past, the right-hand ring is not just for women but anyone who wants to wear it.

How To Choose The Perfect Right-Hand Ring?

Not every ring will work for you. You have a distinct personality and must match it when getting the perfect ring. Here are some tips to consider when choosing one:

Your Lifestyle

Always remember you will be wearing the ring for most of your life. Choose a ring that will go with your dressing style. If you are active in sports, go for a thing ring with smooth edges. If you work with your hands, choose a ring that will not obstruct your work.

Your Budget

Make sure you have a budget in mind. Your budget will guide you to know what you want while avoiding disappointment. You might go to a jewelry shop without a budget and fall in love with a piece way above your means.

Determine Your Preferences

Do you like diamonds or gemstones? Would you prefer white, rose gold, or pink diamonds? Do you like silver, platinum, or gold? All these are essential questions you must ask yourself to ensure you get the right hand ring you love.

FAQs About Right-Hand Rings

What Does It Mean To Wear A Right-Hand Ring?

A right-hand ring has a personal meaning depending on the culture. It can also mean you are in a committed relationship as well. Western cultures have reserved the left-hand ring for weddings and romantic relationships, but it is not always the case in other countries. Some people prefer wearing their wedding ring on their right hand.

When Should I Wear A Ring On My Right Hand?

A right-hand ring is the perfect way to celebrate a personal milestone. There is no requirement to wear a right-hand ring, but it is always a personal choice that many people make to have a tangible reminder of their accomplishments.

Is It Okay To Wear A Ring On The Right Hand?

With the different cultural meanings of the right-hand ring, you might wonder if you should add a right ring to your collection.

The answer is yes. It is fine to wear a ring on your right hand. Depending on your culture, the ring might signify a romantic commitment to your significant other or symbolize a unique meaning.

When Can I Wear My Right-Hand Ring?

You can wear your right ring every day. Right-hand rings are designed with durable metals like gold and silver that last long.

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