Computer-Aided Jewelry Design

The traditional way of creating jewelry, especially rings, is by taking a piece of wax and carving it by hand to the desired shape. This process is very time-consuming, and almost impossible to create a perfectly symmetrical ring.

With the help of tech, we are now making jewelry on various 3D CAD CAM programs. CAD stands for computer-aided design, while  CAM stands for computer-aided manufacturing. There are several benefits to working with CAD CAM programs. They give an entirely dimensionally accurate piece of jewelry from start to finish. 

This means that the jewelry can be designed to exact standards and dimensions. If the ring is supposed to be the same on both sides of the y-axis, or center of the ring, it will be. Matrix Software is the high-end CAD CAM program we use. It allows our designers to create a unique line of jewelry.

With Matrix CAD Software, we get to show our clients how the ring will turn out when it is done on the screen before any wax is made. 

If you come in with an idea for a ring or any jewelry design, the jewelry designer starts to design the ring.

When we have a prototype for you to look at, we render it, creating a photo-realistic image of the solid model. This rendering process will allow you to see if you have it before the wax model is made. However, if you want to change the design, the jewelry designer can modify it without starting from scratch. He can make specific modifications in Matrix and render another ring image. 

With the power of CAD and CAM programs, you get to be an artist, and the jewelry designer is in the client’s hands.

Why  Should You Choose Custom Jewelry Design?

  • When you want a specific style or symbolic design element that you may not find in a mass-produced piece.
  • When you want to express your creativity and have pieces that reflect you.
  • You like a designer’s style but don’t want to pay for the designer’s name.
  • You want a jewelry piece you haven’t seen three other people wearing this week.